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In this paper, the effect of magnetic field on two –phase flow of Jeffrey and non-Jeffrey fluids in an inclined medium is investigated. The flow in both medium is assumed to be set in motion by constant pressure gradient. The electrical conductivity in the non-Jeffrey fluid in phase I is considered to be zero, so that the constant magnetic field strength Bo in the transverse direction only affects the Jeffrey fluid in phase II. The equations governed the flow of the fluid were solved using perturbation method. The effect of magnetic field, Jeffrey and thermal slip parameters on the temperature and velocity profile were examined through several graphs. It is noticed that the increase in magnetic field, decreased the fluid velocity and increased the temperature profile in phase II while it has partial effect in the velocity and decreased the temperature of phase I. Also, the increase in the thermal slip parameter has no effect on the velocity of both phases but, decreased the temperature profile of the non-Jeffrey fluid in phase I and increased that of the Jeffrey fluid in phase II.


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