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The movie recommendation system plays a crucial role in assisting movie enthusiasts in finding movies that match their interests, saving them from the overwhelming task of sifting through countless options. In this paper, we present a content-grounded movie recommendation system that leverages an attribute-based approach to offer personalized movie suggestions to users. The proposed method focuses on attributes such as cast, keywords, crew, and genres of movies to predict users' preferences accurately. Through extensive evaluation, our content-grounded recommendation system demonstrated significant improvements in performance compared to conventional methods. The precision and recall scores increased by an average of 20% and 25%, respectively, resulting in more accurate and relevant movie recommendations for users. The philosophy behind our approach lies in the belief that content-based methods can overcome some limitations of collaborative filtering, especially when dealing with new or niche movies with limited user ratings. By considering the specific attributes of movies and matching them to users preferences, our system can provide more tailored recommendations, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement. Overall, our content-based movie recommendation system showcases the potential of attribute-based approaches to deliver efficient and personalized recommendations. By reducing the burden on users to find suitable movies, we aim to enrich their movie-watching experience and foster their passion for cinema.


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