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Powder metallurgy has a wide range of industrial applications in the manufacture of tools, brushes, filters, and others. As a base of zirconia metal was used and supported by silicon at a constant rate of 3% Si with different reinforcement percentages of copper, which are (3,6,9,12,15)%. The pressing process was carried out at a pressure of 5 tons with a hydraulic press. A pressing mold with a diameter of 10 mm was used. The samples resulting from the press were sintered at 1000°C for one hour, and the thermal, mechanical, and structural properties were calculated after sintering, which included thermal conductivity, thermal diffusion, heat flow, heat capacity, thermal resistance, Vickers hardness, compressive strength, wear, and scanning electron microscopy. Under ideal conditions of thermal sintering at 1000°C, and a mixing ratio of 15%Cu, encouraging results were obtained, with a thermal conductivity of 66.34W/m.K, a thermal diffusivity of 2.2416 mm2/sec, a heat flux of 420.424 Ws½/m2.K, and a heat capacity of 440.2512J/kg.K, with a thermal resistance of 0.00103 m2.K/W. While the Vickers hardness was 602Kg/mm2, the compressive strength was 71MPa, and the wear and tear was 3×10-8g/cm. As for the synthetic results, which included the scanning electron microscope, it showed that the best homogeneity and reticular consistency was at the addition rate of 15%, and it was also noted that the spread of zirconia on the surface of copper was significant.


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