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Aluminum suffers from low hardness and some ductility when thermal sintering which requires reinforcement with carbide or ceramic materials as Iron FeC with volumetric properties (2,4,6,8,10 )%. For purpose of the pressing process after mixing the two powder together, a scanning electron microscope examination performed for the prepared samples and found that there is a surface and structural consistency between aluminum and iron carbide and the best homogeneity is at10 % of carbide. Also some physical tests conducted for prepared samples and the results of the real density showed that the addition of iron carbide increases the density gradually and the highest density is 4.01 g/cm3 at a cementing ratio of 10% and after thermal sintering at 600°C for two hours, the real porosity was obtained and under the same conditions by 9% while the water absorption was 0.583% the mechanical properties at the same conditions was the hardness 460Hv, the diagonal compressive strength 110MPa , the wear was 2×10-8g/cm, while the results of the electron microscope cleared that the ratio 10% is the best proportion in consistency with the surface and the external composition of the pistons in the terms of the least defects and pores. Therefore the ideal conditions were the reinforcement ratio 10%FeC at thermal sintering 600°C for two hours only.


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