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Pressing powders and engineering materials is an innovative method for producing samples with a low cost and multiple industrial applications. In the current article, copper metal was added in different volume ratios to a ceramic material, alumina, for the purpose of improving the properties of alumina, by pressing with a hydraulic press. Where the results of the article showed that the percentage of true porosity after sintering is from (26-13)% with a copper content of (5%) to (25%). As for the apparent porosity after sintering, it decreased from (26-9)% at a copper content of (5-25)%, while the water absorption was directly proportional to the real and apparent porosity. As for the results, the Vickers hardness increased after sintering from(54-101)Kg/mm2 at a copper content of (5-25)%. As for after heat treatment, there was a gradual increase in the resistance from (73-118)N/mm2 at a copper content of (5-25)%. As for the synthetic results of SEM, the best consistency was at (25%) copper, and the X-ray diffraction results showed the emergence of new phases that significantly strengthen the composites and improve the mechanical and structural properties And a clear improvement during the crystalline structure, and thus we find that the appearance of the phase (CuAlO2) is characterized by high durability and strength that hinders crystalline dislocations.


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