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The emergence of the Burgers-Huxley equation (which involves the famous Burgers equation and the Huxley equation) to predict response systems, dispersion moves, and nerve charge transmission in traffic patterns, sound, turbulent conditions theory, hydrodynamics has attracted the attention of scientists to provide reliable and efficient solutions to the problem. The present work employed the Tanh method to solve the Burgers-Huxley nonlinear partial differential equations. In contrast to previous results with complicated and laborious solution characteristics, this method is accurate, efficient, and requires little computational work. In showing this, we solved four Burgers-Huxley case study problems using the Tanh approach and obtained the exact solution. The solutions of the four cases were presented graphically. In addition, the findings demonstrate that the Tanh method is an effective and robust approach for constructing the exact solution of nonlinear differential equations.


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