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This study investigates the feasibility of using silicon carbide-based layered surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices in acousto-optic applications. The acousto-optic properties of the temperature-stable layered structure TeO3/SiC/128oY-X LiNbO3 are investigated through theoretical analysis. This analysis includes the evaluation of key parameters such as the overlap integral, figure of merit, and diffraction efficiency. The SAW propagation characteristics and field profiles required for these calculations are obtained using SAW software. Results show that the layered structure has high diffraction efficiency of nearly 96% and a promising value for the acousto-optic figure of merit, indicating potential use in low driving power acousto-optic devices. The study concludes that the 3C-SiC-based layered structure possesses excellent acousto-optic properties and has potential for use in acousto-optic devices that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.


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