Al-Bahir Journal for Engineering and Pure Sciences


The angle of thermal spraying by the flame is considered one of the important influences on the coating layer, where alumina (Al2O3)% was used as a base material, and it was reinforced with two metals (TiAl) with weight ratios of (25%) in order to produce a cermet composite material with a final thickness ranging between (300-400) µm and with a fixed thermal spray distance of 16cm, the samples resulting from the paint were thermally sintered at a temperature of (1000°C) for an hour and a half, after the samples were taken out of the oven and some mechanical operation was performed on them, some physical tests were conducted, the most important of which included an examination X-ray diffraction, as well as porosity, hardness, and adhesion strength, to show through laboratory tests that the best thermal spray angle is 90°, at a mixing ratio of 25% after thermal sintering.