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The gloss properties can be improved by repeated additions of carbides or ceramic materials, where in the current research, Nano-zirconia was mixed as a support material for the system (Ni-3%SiC) and the reinforcement percentages were (0,3,6,9,12)%. The process of manufacturing the samples was carried out by the powder method. Where the support and foundation materials were mixed by the volumetric method. The resulting samples were heat treated at 900°C for two hours, after that the scanning electron microscope was studied to find out the topography of the surface formed, and it was found that the best ratio that gives a surface with a distinctive structural structure and structural homogeneity after the sintering process is at 12%, and some mechanical properties were also studied. At all different ratios, through the results obtained, it was found that the best reinforcement percentage is 12% of Nano-zirconia after the sintering process.


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