Al-Bahir Journal for Engineering and Pure Sciences


This study develops and presents a methodology for determining the optimal geographic distribution and size of asphalt concrete plants in Karbala, Iraq, in order to minimize the cost of asphalt concrete produced. The purpose of this study is to discuss these points. The methodology can identify potential locations for asphalt concrete plants within a study area, considering the plants' operation and capital costs and the costs of transporting raw materials to the plants and asphalt concrete to demand centers. Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) software have been used to program the methodology. This methodology has been applied to Karbala using actual data. The methodology's output identifies the optimal locations and sizes of asphalt concrete plants in Karbala. There are two optimal locations for asphalt concrete plants B and D; their total size is 80 tons per hour and 800 tons per hour, respectively. This is adequate to supply Karbala's asphalt concrete demand to 2032. The methodology effectively determines the optimal geographic locations and sizes of asphalt concrete plants in the study area.


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