Al-Bahir Journal for Engineering and Pure Sciences


Breast cancer (BC) is a very varied disease, with several subtypes that exhibit different biological, molecular, and clinical characteristics. Standard information on tumor biology and clinicopathology can be identified by gene expression profile; have provided enhanced prognostic and predictive information. This study included 37 patients suffering from breast cancer and 15 healthy subjects. DNA has been extracted from all samples and then real-time PCR has been performed to analyze the genotyping of Rs1799853. The results showed higher frequency of CT genotype in the control subjects than the patients (73.3 and 43.2, respectively) and this difference was significant (0dd= 0.28, p-value= 0.038). The CC genotype showed a non-significant higher frequency in patients than in control (24.3 and 6.7, respectively. P-Value= 0.247). The TT genotype also showed higher frequency in patients than in control (32.4 and 20, respectively. P-Value= 0.506). In conclusion, the genotype CT of the SNP Rs1799853 for CYP2C9 gene may have a great defense role against the breast cancer.