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Next generation wireless systems are characterized by very high transmission bit rates which gives rise to severe Intersymbol interference (ISI) and this makes the detection process very challenging. Hence, assessment of performance of near-optimal detectors like Near Maximum Likelihood Detectors (NMLD) over such channels assumes great importance. This paper deals with the detection of data in the presence of Noise and ISI with NMLD. Performance improvement of NMLD, as compared to nonlinear equalization, has been assessed in terms of BER versus SNR curves obtained through computer simulation. A number of different cases of mobile radio channels have been simulated in this work. In current world the lot of congestion leads severe fading and interference in the channel which may give the pause in data streaming and call drop in voice calling. These channels have different number of reflected paths with different power distribution in the respective paths. The aim of this paper is to take a ‘worst case’ model of a mobile radio channel in terms of rapidity of fading and ISI, and then to investigate the performance of detectors in the receivers.


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