Al-Bahir Journal for Engineering and Pure Sciences


In the laboratories of the Zarazma Mineral Studies Company in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, measurements of Uranium content in soil samples were made utilizing ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) in 36 samples of surface soil from selected locations (Some of which, according to the authors, were measured for the first time) in the Northern Basrah governorate. Uranium concentrations were found to range from ( 0.9 ppm ) in Al-Awjan to ( 1.5 ppm ) in Al-Ez River soils. The findings are given and contrasted with those of other research. The soil samples analyzed were uranium less than 100 ppm, which implies an amount of overburden and reserves instead of mineable reserves. The concentration of uranium in the Northern Basrah Governorates is presented and evaluated in this article. The study also indicates that uranium levels in 36 samples of surface soil are below the detection limit. The current findings demonstrate that the uranium contents in the surface soil samples examined were lower than the UNSCEAR-recommended limit of 11.7 ppm.


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